Ask the expert – Will my porcelain be safe in transit?

We sat down with director Darwyn to find out why Caledonian Stone provide perfect packaging to protect your porcelain.

Porcelain is quickly becoming a hardscaper favourite. And, thanks to its non-slip surface, its durability and its stunning appearance, more and more landscapers are choosing it than ever before. But, how does it fare in transit?

We’ve been checking in with the team about what matters most to our customer base and it turns out, one of our landscapers’ biggest concerns is the possibility of damage to tiles during transit.

And so, to that end, we sat down with our resident expert, Darwyn Rabey, to see how Caledonian Stone protects its porcelain. 

Porcelain Tiles on pallets - Will my porcelain be safe in transit

First things first, is porcelain hard wearing?

Absolutely. Thanks to the porcelain production process which bakes sand, clay and minerals at extremely high temperatures, porcelain paving is incredibly strong and durable. 

Can damage occur in transit?

It’s true, when tiles (porcelain or stone) are moved long distances, there’s the chance for damage to occur in transit. But, at Caledonian Stone, we go out of our way to make sure your porcelain tiles arrive as safely as possible. 

Tell us more about how Caledonian Stone package their porcelain?

We have a dedicated yard team that is committed to making sure your order arrives securely. The team allocates extra time to every order to ensure goods are properly dispatched. In fact, their goal is to see how many compliments they can get on their packing!

Their favourite reviews are the ones that say, “My order was really well packaged”! And to their credit, we get a lot of feedback that says, “I was really impressed with the packaging and safe arrival of my tiles.”

Okay, but how does Caledonian Stone packaging differ from the competition?

The huge majority of paving is shipped through the pallet networks so the quality of packaging at source is massively important to ensure the safest arrival possible of goods.

Many companies use corner protectors but we go one step further and use extra protectors as well as strapping and timber support to ensure that goods don’t budge an inch during transit.

Our yard team also provides regular spot checks before dispatch to check for any defects before tiles are transported.

And, how would we know that our goods have the Caledonian Stone packaging seal of approval?

We use our brightly coloured Caledonian Tape of course! You can’t miss it.

Thanks for your time, Darwyn!

So, are you keen to try out porcelain paving but nervous about the transport process? Worry no more, the yard team at Caledonian Stone want you to leave their next five star review!

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