x Strathisla Paddlestones 70-150mm

Strathisla Paddlestones

A fairly consistent mid-grey flattened pebble with the occasional white vein, smoothed and worn by centuries relentless river currents. Strathisla (Strath-aye-lah) Paddlestones are a beautiful...

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x Golden Path Grit

Golden Path Gravel

Caledonian Stone Path Gravels have self-binding properties to create a firm yet porous surface area for pedestrian or light traffic areas. Our gravels offer a...

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x Highland Glacial Boulders

Highland Glacial Boulders

Handpicked to ensure the highest quality, our Highland Glacial Cobbles and Boulders provide their own unique statement. Having spent thousands of years being shaped by...

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Path Gravel

Our path gravel features moisture retention and self-binding properties for a firm yet porous surface for pedestrian or light traffic areas. Available in three striking colours, the range offers an attractive and cost effective option for applications such as pathways, cycleways and other public spaces.