x Celtic Slate Scree Plum 20mm

Celtic Plum Slate Scree

Crushed slate scree chippings are very thin and flat and slate is generally very consistent in colour, making this material great for low ground cover....

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x Scottish Highland Pebble 30-50mm

Scottish Highland Pebbles

Smooth, rounded and colourful, Scottish Highland Pebbles are a high quality, multicoloured selection with a universal appeal for a wide variety of applications. Although colourful...

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x Highland Glacial Cobbles 100-200mm

Highland Glacial Cobbles

Handpicked to ensure the highest quality, our Highland Glacial Cobbles and Boulders provide their own unique statement. Having spent thousands of years being shaped by...

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x Aged Silver Granite Setts

Aged Silver Granite Setts

Cropped, then tumbled with an abrasive for a genuinely old weathered appearance these granite setts complement established surrounds and work great with our granite paving...

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Chippings and Aggregates

Our extensive range of decorative chippings and aggregates offers plenty of scope when applying that finishing touch. The wide selection of colours and textures are a perfect match for most projects and are particularly ideal for low-maintenance creations, such as commercial developments.